Travel apps offer you the world. We offer you transparency.


Booking a holiday can be quite a daunting experience. Who do you fly with? Where do you go? Which hotel should you choose? If you find yourself asking these questions every time you sit down to organise a trip, then you’re not alone. And given that travel apps promise you the world - quite literally - it can be tough to tell the fact from the fiction. Do any of these online sites and apps really know what’s best for you and your situation, or should you stick to your local high street travel agents?

When it comes to putting together your ultimate holiday package, we believe that the trusty travel agent is the best way to go. Why? Whilst we might be a tad biased, here at Holidays By Design we spend our days putting together the perfect holidays for people. Not only do we know our holidays inside out, we know what you as a customer want, and how to get the best experience for the best price. In order to practise what we preach, we’ve put together a handy list of 5 reasons why travel agents are definitely the best people to turn to when you’re booking your new adventure. Happy holidays!

  1. We do all of the leg work

If you’ve ever had to organise a trip for more than 4 people, then you’ll know exactly how difficult it can be to juggle everyone’s holiday requests. Finding the perfect accommodation in your chosen location with easy transfers and reasonable prices is like balancing on a tightrope; something often starts to slip. But you’re not a travel expert - nor should anyone expect you to be.  Booking online can leave you in the dark about numerous details and make it hard to find out vital information regarding your holiday and what to do next. Instead, a travel agent can get on with the finer details, leaving you with the one task - packing! Here at Holidays By Design, we’re devoted to doing all of the hard work that comes with booking a holiday and organising everything around it. We aim to make everything easy for you, doing all of the work, giving you all the information, taking you through the next steps. Leave us with the work that we enjoy doing, and we can be fully transparent about every part of the trip and costs.

2. We have access to exclusive deals and insights

If there’s anyone you need to speak to for getting a cheaper price or saving money on a holiday, it’s definitely a travel agent. If you’ve found a really good price online for a package, bring it in to us and we will see if we can match it (because we often do!) You can also get really good insights about certain hotels and areas with us. It’s our job to keep checking up on customers and getting the most feedback as possible. The descriptions online are often written out quickly and in bulk, making a hotel sound luxurious when it’s not that great, or a villa sound like paradise when it’s anything but. Instead we will give you all the feedback we have on certain places, and can also help you if you’re not sure on which hotel to go for. By keeping tabs on all of our tried and tested packages, we can narrow down your search and help you get the best deal and package available, with a recommendation to go along with it.

After all, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

3. It’s a service catered to you, not us

Booking a holiday for more than just yourself can be a really stressful task. Whether you’re jetting off with your partner, your family or your best friends, they’re likely to want to know everything, as well as having certain requirements and needs to cater to. Booking online doesn’t take any of this into consideration, and often you are left wondering if everything is sorted or you need to do more.

When dealing with a travel agent, you’re dealing with real people who understand these stresses. We cater our service to you, allowing you to make arrangements and requirements that makes everyone happy. We will take your budget and your family into consideration, making sure every little detail is sorted and confirmed by you.

4. We use a range of different providers

Many holiday sites are partnered with travel providers, restricting you to only using one travel provider and only being able to have one package. But why restrict yourself, or take the time researching only to realise the holiday you like the look of isn’t right? We have a wide range of different travel providers offering different packages and even exclusive deals. We can choose the best flight and provider for you while also picking the best hotels and packages.

We also have our own booking system, it allows us to narrow down your requirements and quickly search through all the different airlines, hotels and excursions.

5. We give you total transparency

A lot of online holiday retailers will promise to find you an all-inclusive getaway including flights, extras and daily activities for an extremely affordable price! How often do you get through to the booking stage only to find that there are hidden costs lurking behind the scenes? We like to be fully transparent, straight from the get-go. There’s no hidden fees, no hidden extras and we only do something that you completely agree on.

You’re in control of your holiday, we just make it happen for you.

If you’re looking to book your next holiday and adventure, come to us for a totally transparent and enjoyable experience. We will get you the best holiday for your money and make everything easy for you. Say no to an online experience with no control, say yes to a tailored experience just for you.