Why Book A Family Holiday With A Travel Agents?


From your toddler dipping their toes into the bright blue sea to the moment you arrive at your first family holiday, there are some memories you never forget. Of course, planning the perfect family holiday is never that simple. Day excursions, kids clubs and finding time to relax yourself for a moment can all add to the stress, and if you’ve been tasked with finding that ultimate hotel experience or all-inclusive destination, it can be all too tempting to just stay at home! But what if there was a stress-free way to book a family holiday? Here at Holidays By Design, we believe that family time is precious. What’s more, it shouldn’t have to be difficult. We want to do the hard part for you so that all you have to do is remember everyone's passport! With this in mind, we’ve listed just a few reasons as to why you and your family should turn to us for your next getaway. See if you agree!

100 Years Of Experience

At Holidays By Design, we have a team of nine ladies who work day in, day out to bring you the holiday deals and very best experiences. But what does this mean? In total, our lovely team have over 100 years of combined travel agency experience. Since opening our doors in 2017, we’ve planned and booked over 7,000 holidays right here in our shop. Whether it’s skiing in the Alps or snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef, you name it, we’ve booked it. Not only does this mean that YOU can turn to any of our team members and ask all your burning questions, but we can also equip you with inside knowledge of our favourite holiday destinations. Have a particular requirement or request for you and the kids? Just ask. We’ve seen it all before, so there’s no need for you to waste hours of your precious time searching for your perfect destination when you could be shopping for a new holiday outfit!

The American Dream

With over 25 hotels and six theme parks, there’s nothing on this planet quite like Walt Disney World. The ultimate family destination for generations, our Holidays By Design team all agree that Disneyland Florida holds a special place in our hearts. Jet off on your own adventure to fully immerse you and the little ones in the dream and treat them to a holiday that they’ll never forget. As Walt Disney specialists, we feel Orlando Florida is the ultimate family holiday destination, having all been there with our own children over the years! From fast track passes to exclusive Disney dining, there are many ways to make your Orlando experience extra special. If you’ve got a Disney holiday dream in mind, turn to us to make it happen. We will be able to answer your questions and queries due to first-hand personal experience, which we believe is invaluable.


Safety First

Nervous about letting the kids travel further than the back garden? We understand! Travelling with little ones is often a daunting experience. Whilst trekking through Amazonian rainforests or kayaking around islands in Thailand might sound like the experience of a lifetime in your younger years, as a parent there are far more restrictions to your holiday destinations when you’ve got a child or two in tow.  Activities and accommodation that you’d deem exciting on your own often become terrifying as soon as you consider the safety of the kids. But often the reason so many of us stick to safer destinations comes down to the lack of information available to us. This is where our team comes in. With so many reviews under our belts from customers and staff members alike, as a travel agent we can provide you with as much detail as we can about the holiday you’re booking - before you step onto a plane or get on a ship. We would never book you and your family on a holiday until we were sure that you were fully satisfied with every detail. And what’s more, our team are also available to contact throughout your trip should anything change. We believe that no matter where you are in the world, you should always have a friendly and helpful staff member just a phone call away - something you simply wouldn’t get with an online booking system.


The Whole Package

As a travel agency, we can specifically cater to your family’s exact needs. Attention to detail plays a huge part when devising the perfect holiday, but luckily this is something that we factor into each and every booking we make. When booking a holiday online, it can be all too easy to forget about hotel transfers, pre-booking airport parking and travel insurance. Instead, leave it to us and we will make sure everything is in check. We cater our service to you, allowing you to make arrangements and requirements that makes everyone happy.

Ready to book a family holiday without stress? Head down to Holidays By Design and you’ll be in safe hands! We’ll put the kettle on.