7 Questions To Ask Your Travel Agent When Booking a Holiday

Everyone likes to feel prepared for a holiday. If you’ve decided to use a travel agent to help book your holiday (which we highly recommend you do, for the reasons we’ve listed right here), then it’s a good idea to make the most of our expertise and have a list of questions to help you get the best out of your break. As a credible source of information, we’ve got everything from holiday insights through to insurance recommendations to make your preparation easier.

We’ve asked round the office and come up with the very best questions to ask whenever you’re booking a holiday. If we haven’t already answered these for you, then definitely make sure that you get these topics covered!

1. How many hours will be spent in transit?

The amount of times that customers come to us with horror stories of previous holidays with 4-hour transfer times that they hadn’t noticed whilst booking is surprisingly high! Whilst your flight time might be relatively short, it’s always worth knowing exactly how long your journey will be from the airport to your accommodation. Those few hours’ difference could even dictate which hotel or accommodation you go for when making your booking.

2. What excursions and/or activities do you suggest?

Whether we’ve been there ourselves or we know customers who have, it’s always worth getting a bit of insight into what you can do whilst you’re on holiday. From unusual activities such as scuba diving or road biking, right through to cultural days out or evening trips - each destination has its specific attractions and may even offer something that you never expected!

3. Have you ever been to my destination yourself?

Be sure to ask if anyone has already been to the place you’re jetting off to! Our team are very well-travelled, so if we haven’t already volunteered the information and jumped over to provide our recommendations, then you might be surprised and find that one of our team have a wealth of knowledge about your destination. Insider know-how can transform your holiday, not to mention save you lots of time when you actually arrive.

4. What type of power supply does my destination use?

An important but often overlooked part of any holiday accommodation is the power supply. Will you need a particular type of plug adapter, for example? Different countries have different wall outlets, and there are at least 15 types of socket across the world. Make sure that you bring the right adapter along so that you can charge your phone after a long journey!

5. What documentation do I need for my trip?

Depending on where you’re going, some countries require visas which in turn require personal documents like medical certificates, marriage certificates, and bank statements. We’ll be able to tell you exactly what you’ll need to print so that you can avoid any unnecessary hassle when you arrive.

6. What sort of travel insurance would you recommend?

It’s always important to stay safe whilst travelling, and travel insurance provides a welcome security blanket should anything go wrong. We’ll be able to point you in the right direction and recommend the right insurance package for you.

7. Which emergency numbers can I call in my destination?

This is probably the most important especially if you are not familiar with your travel destination. Ask our agent to give you a list of local and toll-free numbers you can call in case of emergency or if you have questions during your trip. You can also ask us for our own telephone number should you need it.