Top 10 Bucket List Destinations for 2019 - some only just ONE flight away!

Top 10 Bucket List Destinations for 2019 - some only just ONE flight away!
Top 10 Bucket List Destinations for 2019 - some only just ONE flight away!

There’s nothing wrong with having a favourite holiday destination but visiting the same place year in year out can get a bit mundane. Sometimes it’s a good idea to step outside your comfort zone because the world really is your oyster! It’s time to jump into the unknown and discover the many dreamy locations the world has to offer, that’s why we have put together a top ten list (in no particular order) of jaw-dropping destinations that SHOULD be at the top of your bucket list. 

Meet the ladies behind the Holidays By Design brand!


Julia & Becky’s dream of opening and owning their own travel agents became a reality in 2017. However their story started years before…

Julia had worked in the travel industry since she left school, starting with Lunn Poly as an apprentice. Becky started her travel career much later in 1999 when she went to work for Travel Choice. This was where the girls met. They quickly became firm friends and both went on to gain promotion within First Choice - Julia a branch manager of two shops, and Becky as a regional sales manager. Both working in the same area they remained remained close, supporting each other through life’s journey of having children, career moves and everyday life - so they often called on each other for support.   

Julia went on to run and lead Humberside Airport Travel where she gained valuable knowledge in managing and running an independent travel agency. Becky left the travel industry for a time to work in local internet marketing for a 4 year period and gained marketing skills that would prove invaluable later down the line.

In 2014 Becky’s husband was diagnosed with incurable pancreatic cancer and passed away in 2015. Obviously this was a life-changing event and whilst Becky was making decisions for her and her young daughter, she decided travel was what made her happy. Becky went back again to join Julia and work part-time for Humberside Airport Travel as a sales consultant. 

For many years they had talked about having their own agency and  how they would love to recreate an agency where the team was built on friendship, knowledge and customer service.

Julia had a great working relationship with Andrew Earle - one of the travel industries leading travel agents across in Hull. It was Andrew who helped them realise that opening an independent agency was possible with the right team and proposition.

The three of them met for a coffee in February 2017 and HBD was born. They found premises, registered the  business and signed commercial agreements in less than a month! It was Julia’s idea that Cleethorpes would be the chosen location, as it’s where her career in travel started. She knew the area well and felt there was a lack of independent agents in Cleethorpes.

Holidays By Design opened its doors on St. Peters Avenue, Cleethorpes after a 5 week refit in June 2017. The girls spent evenings planning what the shop would look like, colour schemes and uniform but the most important thing was getting the correct team. They needed the best team to open on the high street. As Becky and Julia had worked with many consultants during their travel career, finding the perfect team was easy. The team would fundamentally become the HBD brand and the brand would be all about customer service and providing people with a choice of holiday options, with the best possible customer service and  helping customers through the journey of booking and giving sound advice based on what they needed.

Since the doors of HBD opened the business has become a huge success. The team has grown to 9 members of staff who all have invaluable travel experience but fundamentally are all passionate about holidays and giving excellent customer service. The ethos of HBD has been the catalyst of its success - a shop where people feel welcome, a shop where the team are happy and looked after, and where the customers along with the team are the most important ingredient to its success.

Becky and Julia believe in the shop being closed on Sundays so the team always have a day with their own families.  HBD treats the girls to something together on a regular basis as a thank you for their hard work.  HBD also supports local charities with donations  as a thank you for the support from the local community.

Holidays By Design makes both girls so proud, it has been more successful than they could have ever imagined, winning regional travel awards and being recognised within the travel industry for its huge success as a new agency.

 The core values of HBD will never change, providing a fun and friendly atmosphere for people to book their travel plans by a helpful well-informed team, who really do care about their customers.

image1 (3).jpeg

Travel apps offer you the world. We offer you transparency.


Booking a holiday can be quite a daunting experience. Who do you fly with? Where do you go? Which hotel should you choose? If you find yourself asking these questions every time you sit down to organise a trip, then you’re not alone. And given that travel apps promise you the world - quite literally - it can be tough to tell the fact from the fiction. Do any of these online sites and apps really know what’s best for you and your situation, or should you stick to your local high street travel agents?

When it comes to putting together your ultimate holiday package, we believe that the trusty travel agent is the best way to go. Why? Whilst we might be a tad biased, here at Holidays By Design we spend our days putting together the perfect holidays for people. Not only do we know our holidays inside out, we know what you as a customer want, and how to get the best experience for the best price. In order to practise what we preach, we’ve put together a handy list of 5 reasons why travel agents are definitely the best people to turn to when you’re booking your new adventure. Happy holidays!

  1. We do all of the leg work

If you’ve ever had to organise a trip for more than 4 people, then you’ll know exactly how difficult it can be to juggle everyone’s holiday requests. Finding the perfect accommodation in your chosen location with easy transfers and reasonable prices is like balancing on a tightrope; something often starts to slip. But you’re not a travel expert - nor should anyone expect you to be.  Booking online can leave you in the dark about numerous details and make it hard to find out vital information regarding your holiday and what to do next. Instead, a travel agent can get on with the finer details, leaving you with the one task - packing! Here at Holidays By Design, we’re devoted to doing all of the hard work that comes with booking a holiday and organising everything around it. We aim to make everything easy for you, doing all of the work, giving you all the information, taking you through the next steps. Leave us with the work that we enjoy doing, and we can be fully transparent about every part of the trip and costs.

2. We have access to exclusive deals and insights

If there’s anyone you need to speak to for getting a cheaper price or saving money on a holiday, it’s definitely a travel agent. If you’ve found a really good price online for a package, bring it in to us and we will see if we can match it (because we often do!) You can also get really good insights about certain hotels and areas with us. It’s our job to keep checking up on customers and getting the most feedback as possible. The descriptions online are often written out quickly and in bulk, making a hotel sound luxurious when it’s not that great, or a villa sound like paradise when it’s anything but. Instead we will give you all the feedback we have on certain places, and can also help you if you’re not sure on which hotel to go for. By keeping tabs on all of our tried and tested packages, we can narrow down your search and help you get the best deal and package available, with a recommendation to go along with it.

After all, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

3. It’s a service catered to you, not us

Booking a holiday for more than just yourself can be a really stressful task. Whether you’re jetting off with your partner, your family or your best friends, they’re likely to want to know everything, as well as having certain requirements and needs to cater to. Booking online doesn’t take any of this into consideration, and often you are left wondering if everything is sorted or you need to do more.

When dealing with a travel agent, you’re dealing with real people who understand these stresses. We cater our service to you, allowing you to make arrangements and requirements that makes everyone happy. We will take your budget and your family into consideration, making sure every little detail is sorted and confirmed by you.

4. We use a range of different providers

Many holiday sites are partnered with travel providers, restricting you to only using one travel provider and only being able to have one package. But why restrict yourself, or take the time researching only to realise the holiday you like the look of isn’t right? We have a wide range of different travel providers offering different packages and even exclusive deals. We can choose the best flight and provider for you while also picking the best hotels and packages.

We also have our own booking system, it allows us to narrow down your requirements and quickly search through all the different airlines, hotels and excursions.

5. We give you total transparency

A lot of online holiday retailers will promise to find you an all-inclusive getaway including flights, extras and daily activities for an extremely affordable price! How often do you get through to the booking stage only to find that there are hidden costs lurking behind the scenes? We like to be fully transparent, straight from the get-go. There’s no hidden fees, no hidden extras and we only do something that you completely agree on.

You’re in control of your holiday, we just make it happen for you.

If you’re looking to book your next holiday and adventure, come to us for a totally transparent and enjoyable experience. We will get you the best holiday for your money and make everything easy for you. Say no to an online experience with no control, say yes to a tailored experience just for you.

Emma's Golden Triangle Tour of India

By Emma Jackson

People say that a tour to India is a life-changing experience – and it only takes a moment for you to see why. Endlessly fascinating and a surprise to the senses, India feels very far removed from our Western norms and way of life. The world’s second most populous country with more than 1.2 billion people today, you’ll feel for yourself on an Indian tour how deeply it still feels rooted in its past rich cultural and religious heritage.

I was amazed every day by a kaleidoscope of unexpected sights and sounds, heady aromas and sometimes shocking contrasts. You’re sure to return from your magical tour of India with a new outlook on life and endless extraordinary memories.

Day 1 – Delhi

I arrived in Delhi after a direct evening flight from London Heathrow and was met by the local tour manager. We were transferred to our first hotel of our trip - The Suryaa Hotel in New Delhi. Upon arrival we were made to feel very welcome and were greeted with the traditional Namaste bow, which was soon to become a regular part of our special trip.

The hotel was truly stunning with a lovely outdoor pool, coffee shop and two restaurants. The rooms were spacious and came with air conditioning, TV, safe, bathroom and mini bar. We then had an afternoon guided tour of the Old City and experienced an exhilarating ride on one of the local rickshaws. Before we went back to the hotel for the evening we saw the India Gate War Memorial and Parliament House.


Day 2 – Agra

Our second day saw us heading out for breakfast at the delightful Colonel’s Retreat Delhi. Hosted by the colonel himself, we sat on the roof terrace enjoying the local flavour and views across the awakening bustle of Delhi. 

On our way to Agra, we visited the ruins of the ornate Qutb Minar Tower. The second tallest minaret in the world made of bricks and standing an impressive 239ft tall, this tower is now part of the areas UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We then headed off to the famous City of Love and the home of the breath- taking Taj Mahal. We stood across the river in The Mehtab Gardens, to experience the sun setting behind the Taj Mahal.

Our hotel for the evening was The Trident Hotel, Agra. Close to the Taj Mahal and set amidst its beautiful gardens, the hotel has a swimming pool, spa, fitness centre, two restaurants and a bar. Each of the rooms have air conditioning, TV, a mini bar and tea/coffee making facilities.

taj mahal.JPG

Day 3 – Ranthambhore

We had a very early start on our third day, with our long awaited visit to the Taj Mahal. An experience that I will never forget, we watched as the sun rose above the beautifully crafted outline of this wondrous monument. We had our famous ‘Lady Diana’ moment photograph, sat on the bench itself. There was peace around the wonderful landscaped gardens. This truly was an amazing experience and a must if you visit India.

As we headed to Ranthambhore, we stopped by at the Raj Niwas Palace, Dholpur - also called the Dholpur Palace - which diffuses hospitality with ancient heritage in a premium opulence and style, presenting the avenue that was once home to Indian royalty. It became a part of modern Independent India as a Heritage Hotel. We were made to feel very welcome and it was a stunning peaceful retreat.

Soon afterwards, our journey onto Ranthambhore National Park began. Our hotel for the evening was the Ranthambhore Regency and it was the perfect place to enjoy the area’s wildlife to its fullest. The hotel has spacious gardens, a swimming pool, restaurant and bar. Rooms have air conditioning and are furnished with modern amnesties. In the evening we had a ‘tiger talk’ with a local naturalist , in preparation for tomorrow’s adventure.


Day 4 – Jaipur

Very excited for the day ahead, we had an early breakfast and set off in our Jeeps. We ventured into the National Park and saw lots of the local wildlife including striped hyenas and the sambar deer. You were told we might also see some sloth bears, the tigers and maybe a leopard. Unfortunately we didn’t see the tigers, but we did come across the fresh tracks of one.

After heading to Jaipur, India’s pink city, we checked into our hotel and enjoyed some free time with a dip in the welcoming cool pool.

Our hotel was the Shahpura House (my favourite hotel of the trip) which dazzled the eyes. Every picture, piece of furniture and chandelier was encrusted with gold. It was a truly special place, a gem of Jaipur.

The hotel had beautiful lawns and gardens, a restaurant, bar, gift shop and an outdoor swimming pool. Each of the rooms have air conditioning, mini bar, tea & coffee facilities and bathroom.

There was a surprise for us in store, as we were given a present from our tour guides: a gorgeous genuine sari each, complete with bangles and bindees.

This was our attire for the evening, as we were then hosted by a local family for dinner in their own home. Upon tasting the most amazing food, we then learnt how to make chapatis and danced with the family in an experience I will remember forever.

family dinner.JPG

Day 5 – Vanaashyra

On our way to Vanaashyra, we visited the wonderful Amber Fort. Here you are able to take an elephant ride up to the very top. Once we were up there, the views were fantastic and the scale of craftsmanship of the quarters unfolded. Tiny little mirrors arranged in regimental patterns and preserved to their full glory, it was just stunning. 

Sad that our trip was coming to an end, we headed towards Vanaashyra.

Set in the foothills of the Aravali range, we took a camel ride up towards the lake. With a small tented community, this was our accommodation for the night.

Vanaashyra with its little tents, all provided modern luxurious comforts, including air conditioning, full size bed, mini bar, your own bathroom and private terrace. You will also find a restaurant , bar, swimming pool and spa. All giving you the true feel of rural India.

The true essence of India

India was never on my list of destinations that I wanted to visit. Although I felt privileged being asked to go, I was apprehensive. But having been there? It was one of the best experiences of my life. The culture, the people and the sights made it a memorable destination that I will never forget. The professionalism of the local tour guides and standard of hotels were second to none. For those of you who are considering a trip to India in 2019 and beyond, I would recommend that you put it on your list. I will definitely be returning in the future with my husband for another extraordinary visit. 

Sam's Jamaican Adventure

One of the great perks of working in the travel industry is to be able to occasionally travel to countries you wouldn’t necessarily choose to travel to. For me, Jamaica was one of them. I was lucky enough to spend a week travelling the island and sampling different hotels.

I started my adventure by flying out from Gatwick to Montego Bay with Virgin Atlantic. Just a 9-hour flight saw us leave a rainy UK and arrive to a balmy 30 degrees and a greeting of ‘Welcome Home’ from everyone we met. We were met by our guide and driver and whisked off to the hustle and bustle tourist resort Montego Bay. Driving through Jamaica’s streets, I loved the colours of the buildings and people going about their day to day. As Montego Bay is a cruise port you can find Starbucks, Margaritaville bar and restaurant and lots of bars, so although it still felt like the Caribbean it was nice to have the option to venture out of the hotel.

We spent our first 2 nights staying at the beautiful Secrets St James Montego Bay, just 15 minutes from the airport. Immediately you’re drawn into a peaceful, sophisticated paradise. The seafront location and colonial décor with contemporary touches is an adults-only dream. With 7 a la carte gourmet restaurants, a buffet, a grill and a café including 24-hour dining at Coco Café, you were never short of places to sample the food. You could even take advantage of the complimentary 24-hour room service if you fancied. There was no all-inclusive band to wear either which I really liked. Our beautiful room included a whirlpool bath, separate shower, bathrobes and slippers, TV speakers in the bathroom and shutters opening up to the room so you can sit in your jacuzzi, glass of bubbles in hand and watch a movie. We enjoyed premium drinks throughout and the on-site nightclub kept going until the small hours with the entertainment team on hand to keep the energy high.

For families there is the Sunscape Hotel just 5 minutes up the road. This hotel features 6 dining options, kid’s menus, 24-hour dining, an on-site waterpark, Explorer’s Club for kids and Core Teen Club.

For yoga/spa lovers who are looking for a boutique resort, then the Zoetry Montego Bay is for you. With 49 beautiful rooms, this ultra-luxurious hotel offering a beach front sanctuary. You can enjoy organic and healthy dining, a 20-minute complimentary spa treatment, 24 hours private in-suite dining, BVLGARI full size toiletries and award-winning wine collections.  

Our second day had us take a 1 hour and 30 minutes transfer to Ocho Rios and a day at Mystic Mountain and Dunns River Falls. The roads from Montego Bay to Ocho are similar to those back in the UK, so we enjoyed a comfortable journey on good quality dual-carriageways. I’d recommend stopping for a Devon House Ice-Scream on the way! We did Mystic Mountain first - a theme-park located within a real tropical rainforest. We rocketed through the jungle at high speed on a bobsled, had a zipline tour through the trees and took in the beautiful scenery high above on the Sky Explorer chair lift. We then had lunch with breathtakingly beautiful views from the restaurant overlooking Ocho Rios, before moving on to Dunns River Falls for a truly exhilarating experience. At a staggering 180 feet high and 600 feet in length, this isn’t for the faint hearted. We joined hands with our group and zigzagged our way up the falls. For those wanting a less physical experience you can climb the stairs alongside the falls. You have a guide and a photographer that makes the journey with you, so there’s plenty of funny footage and photographs to keep.

unnamed (15).jpg

Our next 2 nights were spent at Breathless Montego Bay. This was my favourite resort of the whole trip. We enjoyed unlimited access to Secrets St James/Wild Orchid facilities, pool parties, silent discos, fashion shows, reservation free al a carte dining and premium drinks, to mention a few! The hotel is ultra-modern. All suites boast chic design and state of the art technology, including free Wi-Fi and in-room tablets. When I walked out on to my balcony (which featured a sofa and double jacuzzi!) the hairs on my arms stood on end. This hotel has a real energy and if you’re looking for the best of both worlds, then I strongly recommend Breathless. You can enjoy the tranquillity of Secrets and have the vibrancy of Breathless. The 3 hotels are joined by a bridge so everything is on your doorstep.

Breathless, Montego Bay

Breathless, Montego Bay

The last part of our stay had us staying at Beaches Negril and Sandals South Coast. Beaches is located on the widest stretch of Negril’s 7 miles of white-sand beach. It features Pirates Island Water Park with 8 slides, a lazy river and Caribbean Adventure with Sesame Street which includes daily character appearances, parades and stage shows - but you definitely don’t need to be a kid to enjoy them all! Beaches Negril has been voted “Jamaica’s Leading All Inclusive Family Resort” 4 years in a row and the Beaches Resorts has been voted the “Worlds Leading All Inclusive Family Resort Brand” 20 years in a row. The hotel also features scuba and water sports, unlimited land sports, beach parties, xBox play lounge and teen nightclub, all set in beautiful manicured surroundings and a stunning beachfront location.  We enjoyed the most incredible sunsets every night too.

Sesame Street hits the beach!

Sesame Street hits the beach!

And lastly but by no means least we headed to Sandals South Coast for 1 night. Wow! A European-style Beach Resort and Spa. You’ll discover old Jamaica on the lush and untouched south coast within 500 acre of wilderness preserve. Each room overlooks the 2-mile powder white beach and the resort boasts 9 gourmet restaurants, 7 bars and with Sandals “Island Routes” your excursions are all included, you just need to pre-book them. The dining is second to none, from traditional Jamaican Jerk to exotic Pan Asian and a gorgeous French patisseries. They even have over-water bungalows with butler service!

A taste of luxury.

A taste of luxury.

I personally would never have booked Jamaica as a holiday destination until I came, but how wrong I was. The people are so friendly and I felt safe the whole time. The lush green mountain ranges are beautiful and the sea is so warm. Nothing is too much trouble for the hotel staff. I even lifted my suitcase in one of the hotels’ receptions and was told “No boss lady, we don’t do things like that here! We do all the lifting.” Nobody expected a tip - it was all done from the heart and that really comes across. Some of the best customer service I have experienced anywhere in the world and I’m pleased to say that Jamaica is now right at the top of my places to go back to.

One Love!


Our Top 10 Destination Wedding Hotspots

No day is more memorable than your wedding day, which is why it’s important to pick the perfect venue to tie the knot. From sun-kissed beaches to cobbled city streets, destination weddings are a wonderful way to bring you and your loved ones together for a day that you’ll never forget.

If you or your partner have recently popped the question and are starting to plan your big day, then it’s time for us to offer our congratulations! Our romantic wedding destinations have been hand-picked so that you can say “I do” in an exotic paradise away from home and without the stress. Whether you’ve got your heart set on a romantic clifftop wedding or a traditional chapel ceremony, our Holidays By Design team are able to book up to 2020. You can get your destination decided on and leave the rest to us.

Don’t know where to start? Check out our top 10 wedding destinations below and get inspired. Choosing the ideal spot for your ceremony might seem daunting, but you’ll know when you’ve stumbled across the perfect location as you’ll be able to picture yourself saying your vows there. Our team will then be able to recommend a range of quality-assured hotels, amazing value flights and even bespoke wedding packages to cater to your every need. Because you deserve to have your wedding, your way.

  1. Mexico

  2. Jamaica

  3. The USA

  4. Barbados

  5. Turkey

  6. Italy

  7. Greece

  8. Cuba

  9. Cyprus

  10. Dominican Republic



With its beautiful tropical beaches and ancient Mayan ruins, Mexico has some of the world’s most breathtaking backdrops for you and your partner to say “I do.” Whether you’re dreaming of a white-sand beach wedding in Cancun with your family and friends or a exploration of the Riviera Maya ruins, Mexico is the perfect blend of Central and South American cultures.

Best time to go:

Mexico’s weather is reflective of its Caribbean neighbours, with temperatures remaining in the high twenties and early thirties throughout the year. To avoid the rainfall, it’s best to visit between November and May. Resorts tend to be busiest during the spring break (mid February to mid April) and the summer break (mid May to mid July).



From the exotic streets of Kingston to the white sands of Montego Bay, Jamaica is an eclectic blend of tropical history and culture. “Irie” is a Jamaican phrase used to describe feeling peaceful or having no worries, and it’s impossible not to get swept up in the irie state of mind as soon as you touch down on a sandy white beach. Enjoy sipping on rum cocktails and watching the sunset after you’ve had your ceremony.

Best time to go:

If you want to avoid the hurricane season (and nobody wants to get swept away as they’re saying their vows!), then we’d recommend timing you wedding outside of June to September. November to April is the best time to avoid high humidity and keep any wedding hair frizz-free!



If you’re a fan of the American Dream, then you’d love an American Dream Wedding. Historically known as the land of opportunity, the USA truly has something for every kind of couple. Whether you’ve got your heart set on a chapel wedding in Las Vegas, a ceremony held in one of five locations in Central Park, or even fancy taking to the skies for a Grand Canyon helicopter wedding, America always packs a punch and will be fun for all your guests.

Best time to go:

Depending on where you choose to go greatly affects the temperature of your big day in the USA. Whilst places like Florida are great all year round, New York gets lots of snow around December and so is perfect for a white winter wedding. Nevada gets extremely hot in summer, so October and November would give you some respite from the heat!



The ultimate couple’s destination, you’ll find a warm welcome in Barbados with its tropical zest and carnival atmosphere. With coral sandy beaches and hidden hideaways, you can dance to the rhythms of the Caribbean and explore the delights that the island has to offer.

Best time to go:

Barbados has a classic tropical climate so enjoys warm weather all year round, including 3,000 hours of sunshine! The best time to go is from December to mid-April when the weather is dryer and less humid. June to November is hurricane season, so we’d recommend steering clear if you want wedding photos without the watermarks!



Only a four-hour flight away and based along the Aegean, Mediterranean and Lycian coastlines, Turkey has a magic all of its own with mountain views and historic towns. Exchange your vows by the stunning Blue Lagoon and finish your day with a barbecue on the beach if you fancy something other than the traditional wedding sit-down meal.

Best time to go:

Temperatures reach a rather warm 35 degrees around July to September, so choose a spring or autumn wedding if you don’t want to overheat your guests. May or June are both great months with plenty of sunshine for beautiful photos.



Just across Europe lies the true home of romance, art and culture. Italy has a wealth of beautiful wedding venues on offer and you’ll never be short of stunning food, breathtaking art and architecture that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Pick from a coastal villa, a sandy beach or even a hillside castle for your Italian wedding getaway.

Best time to go:

May, June, September or October are the best dates for pleasantly warm weather whilst also steering clear of the seasonal crowds. Avoid dates around August 15th as this is Italy’s annual celebration of Ferragosto and makes it tricky to book Town Halls as they remain closed.



Channel your inner Mamma Mia for a Grecian wedding that you and your partner will cherish forever. From traditional churches to architectural masterpieces, Greece boasts beautiful coastal hillsides and sparkling blue seas for your wedding backdrop. Explore 4,000 years worth of history and set your guests up in one of the bustling resorts as they try the traditional Greek cuisine.

Best time to go:

Temperatures in Greece tend to dip around January and February to 16 degrees, so to maximise on the warmer weather go for a summer wedding in May or June when they climb to the mid-twenties. Your guests will be warm but not stifling - perfect for those outdoor wedding feasts.



Vibrant, charming and with a history that will fascinate your guests, Cuba is a go-to Caribbean island for any couple looking somewhere unspoiled and undisturbed. Embrace the Cuban way of life with classic cars taking you from your ceremony to the celebrations, before you dance the night away to the hot Latin-American rhythms. Enjoy a puff on a Cuban cigar and finish the evening off with some good old-fashioned Havana rum.

Best time to go:

The basic weather pattern in Cuba is much like the rest of the Caribbean, enjoying good weather all year round. Summer tourists tend to flock to Cuba from April onwards, so ideally pick a date between March or April when the weather is still sunny and warm.



Home of the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite, Cyprus is renowned for its secluded coves, romantic beaches and cultural blend of European and Eastern influences. Choose from a relaxed affair in the grounds of your hotel, a civil town hall setting or even tie the knot on a yacht! If you’re after a religious ceremony then there are also various Anglican churches available for stunning services.

Best time to go:

Cyprus is renowned for its Mediterranean weather - long, hot summers and mild yet wet winters. To make the most of the heat and the sunshine, head over in the summer. Spring is perhaps more appropriate for weddings as the temperatures aren’t scorching but the sea water is still mild enough for swimming.

Dominican republic


With its strong Latin influences and stunning scenery, in the Dominican Republic you’ll find an eclectic medley of festivals and markets - not to mention 300 miles of tropical white sand. Explore the colour and energy of this beautiful island before having your ceremony surrounded by family, friends and the picture-perfect Caribbean settings.

Best time to go:

Hurricane season arrives in the Dominican Republic between June and September, so opt for any months between November and April if you want the best weather without too much humidity!

If you’re thinking of having the wedding of your dreams abroad, then get in touch with our team. Simply call our concierge on 01472 897333 or pop in and say hello on 5 St Peter’s Avenue, Cleethorpes, DN35 8HQ.